Persuasive Speaking

Imagine someday I speak to you like this:
“Hey Peter, let’s go get some watermelons.”
And you replied:
“Okay Frank, but why?”
What happens next?

Case 0: Worst case
Case 1: Normal case
“Because I want fruits and watermelon came to my mind.”
Case 2: With reasons
“Summer is coming. Watermelon tastes cool after refrigerated.”
Case 3: With logical reasons
“Summer is coming. According to Chinese herbal theory, watermelon is a great fruit that prevents you from getting sick because of the hot weather.”
Case 4: With counter reasons
“Summer is coming. According to Chinese herbal theory, watermelon is a great fruit that prevents you from getting sick because of the hot weather. By the way, I know you love blueberries but they are expensive in the summer. In case you want strawberries, I don’t recommend either because they will increase the risk for you to get sick in summer.”
In which case that Peter would more likely to agree?

It is definitely not about shopping, but everything around us. Statements are significantly more powerful while facts or logical thinking are attached. So why not share them?

There is no way to debate against a fact, and debate against logical thinking is hard. Here comes the brainstorm, where people keep pointing out unrecognized facts, and contributing to thinking that are more in-depth. The debate ends when best solution stands, based on massive amount of facts and thinking.

Prepare the facts that backs you up. In most of the time, we speak as things come out to our mind. But while speaking in a critical event, it is possible to get embarrassed (see case 0 above) because lack of thinking while talking.

“But Frank, Jason just called me and he said Walmart just ran out of watermelons an hour ago!”
What happens next this time?

Audiences in a Lecture

I’ve realized this a long time ago. Although I don’t like it, but I have to say, the actual effect to some matter is more important than the actual outcome.

I used to aim for the outcome. From the preparation, the process and how do I finish them. For instance, people only care about test scores, because that is the only thing that everyone else cares. Soon, I started to realize the process is more important. As a computer science major student, the skill level of reading documentations matters how successful we could adapt to any kind of new programming language environment or software programming tools. There is no other way of practicing how to read those documentations, so I started to build up skills by carefully digest everything I saw, while periodically rethink what I could do in order to help me to get better understandings.

But now, I started to realize sometimes we also need a hint of decoration beyond our outcome. Taking lecture as an example. According to the readings I have done, we are supposed to adapt to their conditions in order to deliver those presentations that they will prefer to hear. This will boost our talking power without alternating the content our speech. Although I never tried this, but I used to do similar things more or less. Studying in RPI for two years, the presentations in front of all students in a classroom is always a pain for me. It is not because of my nervousness, but I was worried about how many people in the room will actually listen. Maybe I was getting a little successful already, because my humorous speech always attracts a lot of students’ attention.

The Secret Behind Wolverness

Disclaimer: This article is very much depended on my personal reflection and ideas, please notice that facts are stated, but the conclusion is my own approach.

It’s been a while since this happened, and we are carrying on. Many terrible things happens because of this. Imagine the aftermath of a war, when people are getting hostile, atmosphere getting damned, rotten corpse everywhere, and rats coming out of sewers… This is happening, and will keep on forever. I am writing this before those are getting forgotten.

I just got back from class in a summer afternoon, and something shocking happens. Bukkit was taken down by one of its contributors in a DMCA notice. Quickly after this, thousands of people started many huge discussions about this case. It is obvious that people will just get worried and making random hypothesis, but I will narrow this down to two, and I will try to explain them very briefly.

Possible Case One:

Wolverness is a Dick.

The moment when Wolverness realized that Bukkit is owned by Mojang, and Dinnerbone is hired by them, he realized that he is working on Bukkit not for the community, but for Mojang, for free. He wants money too, he want that super big Mojang company to pay him. Obviously that is not happening.

Therefore, he is not happy.

I would never believe anyone else will try to be his friend anymore. Who knows  if he will backstab you if you make him sad. What he had done just hurts people, and he gains nothing.

Possible Case Two:

A harsh decision by Bukkit team.

Bukkit is owned by Mojang anyways. In order to prevent Mojang not to take everything from them, Bukkit disbanded with a fancy and reasonable reason, while leaving Bukkit illegal for Mojang to use afterall.

That also explained why they started Sponge.

Convincing Rules

Rules shall always be fair to people, and they shall be convincing too.

What is a convincing? My approach is that convincing rules will always yield the same result despite who or what is does the judging. For instance, a convincing action rule could be “pickup n balls which n=total number of balls / 2”. As long as the executor is following the rule, they will always pickup the same amount of balls in the same room. A good counterexample is a sports judge, if the situation is ambiguous enough, different people may see it differently.

Our modern laws are convincing, they do have specific standards to evaluate people’s guiltiness, as well as having a way to calculate their punishment.

However, our self-made rules are usually not. In the most times, we are not able to come up with a perfectly logical approach to rules that we make, neither could we actually create a formula to calculate the consequences. We often see rules like “it is up to xxx to judge” on forums, websites etc.. They are all not convincing. But even though unconvincing rules exists, people are still happy. This only happens while the rules are not exploited nor administrators are abusing them.

As we could see, our everyday life community could be rather weak to most social attacks. But I still believe there will not be people have any motive to break a good community, that is how great people lives on.

The Secrets of Butcher

Recalling the movie “Up in the Air”, a special agent was hired to fire people in a company. He is a butcher.

Innocentius once suggest me to hire him as someone who only do the dirties things so that I will never have to touch them again. This may prevent the loss of my general reputation, while his, will eventually fall, however this shall not be the case.

I rejected his idea, explaining that this may eventually backfire if people figure this out, or maybe staying with someone with such a bad reputation will sound pretty unreasonable for me.

Mcbbs just experienced a backfire from a butcher rampage. What could we say about this? Maybe a bad choice to do it after all.

Idea from Innocentius, mcbbs & 爱国青年

BiFujian It’s Time to Say…

My impression on BiFujian is now deepened than ever before.

Speaking of which, recently a video that shows BiFujian criticizing a Chinese republican poem along with General. M** inside has came out. Obviously someone sneaks into his private party and took that video while he got drunk.

Nothing he said was false.

BiFujian commented along. He points out that everything in the poem was made up and sounds righteous. Since people are so easily fooled during that time, I assume they are greatly affected by those lies. He also pointed out General. M** let him down before. He grew up during China’s Cultural Revolution, which he might be greatly affected and recalling such depressions.

In a country which allows absolutely no freedom-of-speech, glad he pointed those out as a public figure.

Now that I get his idea, and glad to see it happens. As long as people remembers, there is resistance.

I Sometimes Feel Sad for Others

They are non of my business anyway.

As human, we share the responsibility to care about each other. Since all of us are pretty distinct, humans are able to develop their own characteristics thus lead to completely different lives.

I am not characterizing the “good”s or the “bad”s for now.

It is almost impossible for anyone to make me sad. However, since I care too much about other people, I am forced to share others’ feeling, and maybe this is the only way to make me down.

I could still remember that day, when two of us on the math team are assigned to the same team question. I got it right, and she got it wrong. As a haughty leader herself, she did not listen to my persuasion. At a result, she was wrong, and I was correct. We got no point on that question because she did not listen. Being honest, I felt broken. I quit the math team immediately, just because of that.

Sharing others’ feeling is never bad, for others.

Idea from Mary C. and willkr.

The Myth of My Memorization Skills

I am bad at memorizing.

Remembering plain things gives me headaches since a long time before. When I was a child, I was forced to remember some meaningless English articles and useless Chinese poems. For those English articles, I feel glad that I did not tried to memorize all of them, or else I will still talk like a kid. And for those Chinese poems, seriously who still speaks like Shakespeare? Understanding those poems are even harder than Shakespeare’s.

Until now, memorizing is still my nightmare. However, I found my self able to remember some things extremely fast. Those things includes math, physics and programming languages. This brought up my attention to what I am actually able to memorize fast.

It turns out to be I am able to quickly memorize anything with any sort of logic. Those without proper logic, like history or biology, will still be something difficult for me to remember.

Qian Liu, a famous Chinese magician described one of the tricks for anyone to quickly memorize several seemingly unrelated items. His idea is that to make up a story, which features yourself as the only character, describing a day of his life which everything that should be remembered coming out in a scary or terrible way. This idea indeed added logic to all the items that shall be remembered, and I consider it to be a great guide to memorizing.

Inspired by Intro to Biology Class BIOL-1010 in RPI.

A New Possible Job in Department of Customer Service – Leader Agent

Customer services, no need to question this is an important part while doing business with customers. Maximizing profit also partially means to maximize the satisfaction of customers.

There shall be a new concept for small companies that handles a large cluster of customers.

In the traditional ways of those companies handling customers, each customer agents serves a random customer at a time. It seems to be good enough while handling those people, but sure there need to be more. This process could not even be broken down to any spark of uniqueness, just pure one-on-one communications. Customer agents records the issue, then transfer those to technicians.

Leader agents are those who are chosen from actual technical employee from a company, trained for customer services and able to sense customers’ intent. They are able to serve as a featured customer agent who is able to provide fastest services, since they are actually technicians. Customers will extremely enjoy and satisfied by the lightning speed support, and they shall be able to leave extreme positive feedback thus slowly gaining special reputation

There is no need to have a lot of Leader Agents in a company at a time, and training them is much easier than hiring another technician. Thus, Leader Agents may bring positive outcome.

Though this idea may sound reasonable, viability shall still be tested.

Inspired by Rev-Craft and Patchallin.